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    WILLIAMMASON(威廉梅森)源自美国,是集团公司在2015年倾力打造的又一知名品牌。WILLIAMMASON秉承了 “ 美国制造 ” 的严谨及精致理念,传承了 威廉梅森百年发展的匠人之心,主要设计、研发、生产和销售波纹管调节阀、波纹管截止阀、波纹管闸阀及气动及电动执行机构和阀门附件等产品。


    品牌定名为WILLIAMMASON,不仅彰示出威廉梅森仍不断在控制设备领域积极探索成功的道路、努力开发与拓展公司现有产品的应用领域和范围,同时也寓意用户一旦选择 WILLIAMMASON,即可享受到高品质的产品带来安全可靠超长质保服务,也必将走向幸运和成功。

    WILLIAMMASON originating in the United States, is another well-known brand that the Group strives to build in 2015. WILLIAMMASON adheres to the rigorous and sophisticated concept of Made in USA and inherits the spirit of the craftsman developed by William Mason for 100 years. It mainly designs, develops, manufactures and sells bellows control valves, bellows stop valves, bellows gate valves, pneumatic and electric actuators and valve accessories.
    WILLIAMMASON products rely on advanced manufacturing technology and processes in the United States and have absorbed 100 years of experience in manufacturing and processing from the Group. WILLIAMMASON products are dedicated to helping users control costs, ensure process safety and performance, and increase production capacity. At the same time, WILLIAMMASON products adapt to the development trend of industry 4.0, continuously explore intelligence and innovation, and focus on providing users with reliable and practical control valves and automation solutions.
    The brand name WILLIAMMASON not only demonstrates that William Mason is still actively exploring the road to success in the field of control equipment and striving to develop and expand the application field and scope of the company's existing products, but also implies that once users choose WILLIAMMASON, they will enjoy high-quality products with safe, reliable and long-term quality service, and will also be fortunate and successful.
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